Steampunk Watch Tears My Heart in Two

I’m not sure what to feel here. This is an incredible piece of work, no one can dispute that. But what about all those amazing watches that were destroyed to make this? The elegant functionality ripped from them and transformed into a beautiful,┬ábut none-the-less┬ástatic, bastardization.

Sadly most steampunk creations remind me of prefab elementary school art. Where the teacher prepares a bunch of pre-cut paper shapes that the child glues down into prearranged shapes. While creation of art is an expression of self and maybe the juxtaposition of your pre made items next to other pre made items will reflect your intention nothing says it more than dedication. As seen in this watch. And that’s what tears me up. Where before it was brimming with movement and the dedicated hand of a watchmaker, now it moves to the hands of an artist, who may breath new life into it, but can never put it back together again as it once was.

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