New Robot Ideas

The last robot was based on a wooden toy I purchased a few years ago. It was a very simple and easy project but it didn’t work. At least not the way it should have.
This project is: design the toy you wished you could’ve had as a child.
I want my robot to be fully posable. Knees and elbows that bend and hold their position. A toy the can fire the imagination with ideas.

This first design is such a robot. I’m still not happy with hands and feet yet. But that will come with time. I designed it so I can ‘hot swap’ out the feet and hands for more complex ones down the line. This drawing only details one arm and one leg as the are identical j didn’t want to get bogged down in details.
To get started I will need to build some simpler robots first to work out the kinks in the system. Will the joints work? What’s the best proportion for the parts? Plus some hands and feet ideas. So I will start with this simpler version and test out some ideas first.


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