Gearing up for some projects

One of my goals is to build my own clock in the next few years. This is such a lofty goal as I have no practical experience in machining, clockmaking, gearing, metalwork, or woodwork. Ok I can nail a few 2x4s together and even saw them so they obtain a basic pleasing shape but fine work? Not a chance!

So why am I even interested in this project?

My only answer is: I love moving parts. Not even full machines, just little bits. I’ve always taken stuff apart as a kid and now I want to start putting them back together. It’s personal journey into my ability to finish a project. An artistic quest for the grail of self. If, in the end, the clock actually marks time accurately… well that’s a bonus.┬áIn the meantime I’m going to have to learn heap of skills and build a pile of tools to see this through.

First stop – the library.

I’m starting with the “Workshop Practice Series: Book 33 – Making Clock” by Stan Bray. It’s a great intro to many aspects. Particularly where to focus on how to actually make one. It’s doesn’t actually teach you to make one, just highlights aspects that you will encounter when making one. A meta clock making handbook, and a great place to start.

Next a little history about a great clock maker. How a woodworker in England changed the world by building a clock. Several clocks actually and with the pictures really interesting to read.

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