Eric Freitas – Clock maker

Buying an amazing watch is one thing but getting an original hand made sculpture that tells time is something not seen in decades. Most clocks are simply fancy faces and boxes. Not many actually get into building and crafting the gears themselves. Why should they as you can buy most of the motorization fairly cheaply and just put your face on it.

Most people except¬†Eric Freitas. This stunning clock maker machines the gears out of brass plate then carves them. While this is not original clock/watch makers are often adding decorative elements to the gears to lighten them and reduce friction. Freitas’ carvings are more akin to art then science. Most of the gear work is quite beautiful in watches but I’m led to believe that they are more a result of CNC than talented focus. Freitas’ clockwork is a modern throwback o inspiration and patience ¬†over instant gratification and mass production.

Carved gears.

He also will go so far as to carve out an entire chain link by link for one of his clocks. I can only imagine the time and dedication this took. But the point is that he did it. He tried it, and finished it. Will he do it again? Probably not. But he did do it.

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