My latest project is almost finished. A simple clasp based on a cryptex (popularized by DaVinci code). Except this version has only one code slider, and instead of unlocking cryptex with a code word this one has a ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ position.


Above: Major component parts of the codex. (L-R) Receptacle housing (in which all parts fit into), key (brass key tooth already inserted), key path (fits into receptacle housing and holds the slide way, steel), slide way (note the milled and filled tap slot in the upper right – this is the part that locks the brass gib into place). [ed. Would you call it a gib, tooth, or something else? I’m making up most of these names as I have no idea what they are really called.]


Here is is assembled and in the closed position.


And finally assembled and in the open position. With the slide way rotated up the key path is unobstructed and the key exits easily. IN the down position the keyway is blocked by the slide way itself.

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