Building An Orrery

This is completely drool worthy! Ken Zeamon details his plans and procedure for making an orrery. He even  has a downloadable file with the files for his CNC Sherline mill. Lots more detail and videos here: Via CNC Cookbook via make:blog My favourite part is the 7 months in 7 minutes video because it helps with […]

Analog Computer History: Vannevar Bush 1890-1974

UCLA’s 1948 Mechanical Computer from Gizmodo on Vimeo. via WIRED While this is a great piece of computational propaganda, it sadly doesn’t describe any of the processes  that it employs. (For that we’ll have to look at the video posted earlier.) And upon further exploration turns out that they are all designed by Vannevar Bush a pioneer of analog computing.  His engines […]

Makin the robots – finished!

The holes at the end if it’s arms an legs are for inserting the hair elastic and tensioning them, then magnets are added to close up the holes and finish the arms. But I’m not 100% happy with the strength and tension on one side so I’m going to replace that side before sealing it […]

Arms and legs ready

Need to sand the arms and legs to smooth them out and then glue in magnets into the hands and feet. Next step is to get the body ready. Here you see the body 1″ aluminum bar, which will be milled into the appropriate shape and holes will be drilled to accommodate the hair elastics […]

Makin The Robots!

Early concept sketches. Way too complex for a first project. Looks pretty simple but not mobility in the joints for my likes. I want something that has more flexibility. Here’s a quick sketch of the joints. Here is the first stage of the project. I don’t have any square stock but I plan to mill […]

The Faery Ship

I received by post a small metal tobacco tin containing a petite mechanized ship. No information was provided regarding its history, except that it was acquired from a dealer in Portobello Market, London. Strangely enough, no one has ever seen anything like it—this includes all the specialists you might know. Link When something like this […]