New Robot Ideas

The last robot was based on a wooden toy I purchased a few years ago. It was a very simple and easy project but it didn’t work. At least not the way it should have. This project is: design the toy you wished you could’ve had as a child. I want my robot to be […]

Even simpler Dividing Head

In my lead up to building a clock I need to start building the tools that I need. One of the most important ones is a dividing head for my Sherline Lathe/Mill. I’ve been looking at a variety of options each with it’s own degrees of complexity. Then this one came to my attention. Very […]

Gearing up for some projects

One of my goals is to build my own clock in the next few years. This is such a lofty goal as I have no practical experience in machining, clockmaking, gearing, metalwork, or woodwork. Ok I can nail a few 2x4s together and even saw them so they obtain a basic pleasing shape but fine […]

Brilliantly Simple Detent

I’ve been obsessed with detent couplers over the past few months. All kinds of them, any kind really. The motivation originally came out of my jewellery/rope making obsession where I’m always looking for great clasp. A machined coupler has such a beautiful look and feel to it. They often involve ball bearings and springs: The […]

Indexing with Saw Blades

Recently came across this great site¬† while looking for a cheap/practical way to build an indexing plate for my Sherline lathe. He uses a Taig lath but the idea is transferable. I love the great simplicity of the idea and the ingeniousness of it’s execution.

20 Minute Gate Project

“If you have time to build it once, build it right. When I first built my garden gate I was reusing old roof strapping and still learning the basics of carpentry as well as everything else. 5 years later I’m still working on the rudiments of wood working. The most interesting part is the the […]


My latest project is almost finished. A simple clasp based on a cryptex (popularized by DaVinci code). Except this version has only one code slider, and instead of unlocking cryptex with a code word this one has a ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ position. Above: Major component parts of the codex. (L-R) Receptacle housing (in which all […]

Work Music

The Lathe from David Schembri on Vimeo. I was doing this exact same operation on my lathe this morning. Except I wasn’t listening to Edith Piaf. I was playing the soundtrack to Imuhar¬†(another track) one of my all time favourite albums. Now I think I’ll track down some Edith Piaf, sounds very inspirational to work […]