Analog Computer History: Vannevar Bush 1890-1974

UCLA’s 1948 Mechanical Computer from Gizmodo on Vimeo. via WIRED While this is a great piece of computational propaganda, it sadly doesn’t describe any of the processes  that it employs. (For that we’ll have to look at the video posted earlier.) And upon further exploration turns out that they are all designed by Vannevar Bush a pioneer of analog computing.  His engines […]

Mechanical Computation

Nothing beats a good mechanical computer. Gets interesting at 1:46. via Mechanical Computer (All Parts) – Basic Mechanisms In Fire Control Computers – YouTube. via . I love those analog computing methods. So beautiful and direct. Despite the complexity of the gearing and the true tragedy was that they were all victims of ‘backlash‘ which can corrupt […]

Robert Nightingale World Clock

  Time is constant and moves in the same direction, in constant relation to all time zones. Time is not separate and there’s no need for separate devices. This is the WRLDCLCK. Each hand shows a different place (time zone), allowing you to personalize your clock, depending on where and who is important to you. […]

Animatronics Thanks to Disney

LINK Hot diggitity! Just knowing that there is result based gearing is amazing. What is it about gears that makes me salivate so much? When, if ever, will this be released to the general public? Sadly the answer is “never.” Disney is not known for releasing stuff into the public domain, despite the fact they rely […]

Steampunk Watch Tears My Heart in Two

I’m not sure what to feel here. This is an incredible piece of work, no one can dispute that. But what about all those amazing watches that were destroyed to make this? The elegant functionality ripped from them and transformed into a beautiful, but none-the-less static, bastardization. Sadly most steampunk creations remind me of prefab elementary school […]

Simplistic Clock Face

OOOhhh… a beautifully minimalist carved (routered?) clock face. And while the dials do look like a regular popsicle stick it seems to fit the design. My only suggestion: make it a 24-hour clock. Okum Made via This is Colossal  

Eric Freitas – Clock maker

Buying an amazing watch is one thing but getting an original hand made sculpture that tells time is something not seen in decades. Most clocks are simply fancy faces and boxes. Not many actually get into building and crafting the gears themselves. Why should they as you can buy most of the motorization fairly cheaply […]

Wind-up pocket knives

As far as I can figure. The handle has a pop-out winch that you use to wind the blade out. I love that brass worm gear. I wonder what the wind-up ratio is? From the looks of it I would hazard a guess that it would take 16-18 revolutions to fully extend the blade. Still […]

Key Holder

Haven’t had a chance to finish any of my bigger projects as they primarily require lots of free time. And that is something I am in very short supply of recently, since my new daughter arrived. But yesterday my brother was visiting and I wanted a quick project we could do in the shop together. […]

Prototype Arm and Shoulder

Here the first prototype. You can see the roughness around the shoulder joint. But I managed to figure out a way to even out the process a bit and make the elbow joints smoother. Still not perfect, as the connectors are both threaded and the joint tightens in one direction and loosens in the other. […]