Please don’t give me a CURTA!

Designed by Curt Karzstark while held in Buchenwald concentration camp. This wonderful cross between a dalek and pepper mill is one of the the most powerfully compact mechanical computers in the world! This four-banger pepper mill can also perform square root calculation with some finessing. To add two numbers together, each must be entered on the […]

Turning Machine

In 1936 Alan Turing invented a machine that could manipulate symbols on a strip of paper/tape according to a set of rules. This seemingly simple accomplishment (by today’s standard) set the groundwork for all future computer processing and algorithms. Turing never built the machine as the importance of this achievement was in conceiving the theoretical […]

Antikythera Mechanism

Travel back in time 21 centuries and create a machine that not only shows the position of the sun & moon as well as the other planets in the sky for centuries to come, but also predicts solar eclipses as well. And do that before before the invention of the modern gear. More info: World’s […]

Building An Orrery

This is completely drool worthy! Ken Zeamon details his plans and procedure for making an orrery. He even  has a downloadable file with the files for his CNC Sherline mill. Lots more detail and videos here: Via CNC Cookbook via make:blog My favourite part is the 7 months in 7 minutes video because it helps with […]

507 Mechanical Movements

There are those people who meticulously read books from beginning to end, then there are those who go through them with a fine tooth comb and try to recreate every single device in the classic book 507 Mechanical movements. I love those people! So Yeah! to Matt Keveney who did that very thing on his site

Mechanical Computation

Nothing beats a good mechanical computer. Gets interesting at 1:46. via Mechanical Computer (All Parts) – Basic Mechanisms In Fire Control Computers – YouTube. via . I love those analog computing methods. So beautiful and direct. Despite the complexity of the gearing and the true tragedy was that they were all victims of ‘backlash‘ which can corrupt […]