Eric Freitas – Clock maker

Buying an amazing watch is one thing but getting an original hand made sculpture that tells time is something not seen in decades. Most clocks are simply fancy faces and boxes. Not many actually get into building and crafting the gears themselves. Why should they as you can buy most of the motorization fairly cheaply […]

Wind-up pocket knives

As far as I can figure. The handle has a pop-out winch that you use to wind the blade out. I love that brass worm gear. I wonder what the wind-up ratio is? From the looks of it I would hazard a guess that it would take 16-18 revolutions to fully extend the blade. Still […]

Mechanical Singing Birds

Incredible automata singing birds. It’s humbling to realize that the technical heights of a craft may have been achieved over 100 years ago. In this case imitating bird songs with clockwork bellows and an understanding of nature. via The Automata Blog (see also Singing Bird )

Machinst/Artist Spotlight: Dan Grayber

Coming from a formal art background I have developed a respect for people who create for the sake of creation. Their constructions primarily test thoughts and illustrate ideas. Where as machinists take thoughts and make real, some can lead the mechanical into a world of creative play. …My sculptures are invented only to sustain themselves, […]

Brilliantly Simple Detent

I’ve been obsessed with detent couplers over the past few months. All kinds of them, any kind really. The motivation originally came out of my jewellery/rope making obsession where I’m always looking for great clasp. A machined coupler has such a beautiful look and feel to it. They often involve ball bearings and springs: The […]

Indexing with Saw Blades

Recently came across this great site while looking for a cheap/practical way to build an indexing plate for my Sherline lathe. He uses a Taig lath but the idea is transferable. I love the great simplicity of the idea and the ingeniousness of it’s execution.

Work Music

The Lathe from David Schembri on Vimeo. I was doing this exact same operation on my lathe this morning. Except I wasn’t listening to Edith Piaf. I was playing the soundtrack to Imuhar (another track) one of my all time favourite albums. Now I think I’ll track down some Edith Piaf, sounds very inspirational to work […]