Kinetic Sculpture Videos

Todd Dunning’s ‘Mount Rainier’ is welded steel creation with a heart. Bob Potts – Cosmographic Voyager Bob Potts – Avian Persuit Tom Shannon’s TED Lecture about his latest sculpture. The Famous Theo Jansen’s walking Strandbeest (and another TED lecture). Wired recently did an article about William Bondin’s kinetic sculpture called Morphs (mobile reconfigurable polyhedra). LINK Unlike […]

[BBC] Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams & Jaquet Droz

CLIP: The writer is a 240 year old analog computer. Built in Switzerland by Pierre Jaquet-Droz one of the greatest clockmakers it is the only surviving example of the time. This is the automata that inspired  the movie Hugo. LINK I just discovered this great BBC Program called Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams by Professor Simon […]

Building An Orrery

This is completely drool worthy! Ken Zeamon details his plans and procedure for making an orrery. He even  has a downloadable file with the files for his CNC Sherline mill. Lots more detail and videos here: Via CNC Cookbook via make:blog My favourite part is the 7 months in 7 minutes video because it helps with […]

507 Mechanical Movements

There are those people who meticulously read books from beginning to end, then there are those who go through them with a fine tooth comb and try to recreate every single device in the classic book 507 Mechanical movements. I love those people! So Yeah! to Matt Keveney who did that very thing on his site

Robert Nightingale World Clock

  Time is constant and moves in the same direction, in constant relation to all time zones. Time is not separate and there’s no need for separate devices. This is the WRLDCLCK. Each hand shows a different place (time zone), allowing you to personalize your clock, depending on where and who is important to you. […]

Animatronics Thanks to Disney

LINK Hot diggitity! Just knowing that there is result based gearing is amazing. What is it about gears that makes me salivate so much? When, if ever, will this be released to the general public? Sadly the answer is “never.” Disney is not known for releasing stuff into the public domain, despite the fact they rely […]

Steampunk Watch Tears My Heart in Two

I’m not sure what to feel here. This is an incredible piece of work, no one can dispute that. But what about all those amazing watches that were destroyed to make this? The elegant functionality ripped from them and transformed into a beautiful, but none-the-less static, bastardization. Sadly most steampunk creations remind me of prefab elementary school […]

Simplistic Clock Face

OOOhhh… a beautifully minimalist carved (routered?) clock face. And while the dials do look like a regular popsicle stick it seems to fit the design. My only suggestion: make it a 24-hour clock. Okum Made via This is Colossal