Building An Orrery

This is completely drool worthy! Ken Zeamon details his plans and procedure for making an orrery. He even  has a downloadable file with the files for his CNC Sherline mill. Lots more detail and videos here: Via CNC Cookbook via make:blog My favourite part is the 7 months in 7 minutes video because it helps with […]

Robert Nightingale World Clock

  Time is constant and moves in the same direction, in constant relation to all time zones. Time is not separate and there’s no need for separate devices. This is the WRLDCLCK. Each hand shows a different place (time zone), allowing you to personalize your clock, depending on where and who is important to you. […]

Animatronics Thanks to Disney

LINK Hot diggitity! Just knowing that there is result based gearing is amazing. What is it about gears that makes me salivate so much? When, if ever, will this be released to the general public? Sadly the answer is “never.” Disney is not known for releasing stuff into the public domain, despite the fact they rely […]

Simplistic Clock Face

OOOhhh… a beautifully minimalist carved (routered?) clock face. And while the dials do look like a regular popsicle stick it seems to fit the design. My only suggestion: make it a 24-hour clock. Okum Made via This is Colossal  

Wind-up pocket knives

As far as I can figure. The handle has a pop-out winch that you use to wind the blade out. I love that brass worm gear. I wonder what the wind-up ratio is? From the looks of it I would hazard a guess that it would take 16-18 revolutions to fully extend the blade. Still […]