Kinetic Sculpture Videos

Todd Dunning’s ‘Mount Rainier’ is welded steel creation with a heart. Bob Potts – Cosmographic Voyager Bob Potts – Avian Persuit Tom Shannon’s TED Lecture about his latest sculpture. The Famous Theo Jansen’s walking Strandbeest (and another TED lecture). Wired recently did an article about William Bondin’s kinetic sculpture called Morphs (mobile reconfigurable polyhedra). LINK Unlike […]

Steampunk Watch Tears My Heart in Two

I’m not sure what to feel here. This is an incredible piece of work, no one can dispute that. But what about all those amazing watches that were destroyed to make this? The elegant functionality ripped from them and transformed into a beautiful, but none-the-less static, bastardization. Sadly most steampunk creations remind me of prefab elementary school […]

Eric Freitas – Clock maker

Buying an amazing watch is one thing but getting an original hand made sculpture that tells time is something not seen in decades. Most clocks are simply fancy faces and boxes. Not many actually get into building and crafting the gears themselves. Why should they as you can buy most of the motorization fairly cheaply […]

Machinst/Artist Spotlight: Dan Grayber

Coming from a formal art background I have developed a respect for people who create for the sake of creation. Their constructions primarily test thoughts and illustrate ideas. Where as machinists take thoughts and make real, some can lead the mechanical into a world of creative play. …My sculptures are invented only to sustain themselves, […]

How it started…

For the past 20 years I’ve been spending my time pushing photos around then I graduated to an even larger object, the pixel. But after so many years of it, I felt I had nothing to show for it. All that I had learned was almost outdated as soon as I learned it. I was […]