Please don’t give me a CURTA!

Designed by Curt Karzstark while held in Buchenwald concentration camp. This wonderful cross between a dalek and pepper mill is one of the the most powerfully compact mechanical computers in the world! This four-banger pepper mill can also perform square root calculation with some finessing. To add two numbers together, each must be entered on the […]

Escpaments: the various kinds

Galileo Escapement Verge Escapement Cross-beat Escapement Anchor Escapement Deadbeat Escapement crown wheel with deadbeat Pin wheel Escapement Detent Escapement Side Oscillating Escapement Cylinder Escapement Duplex Escapement Lever Escapement Grasshopper Escapement: spring, twin and single pivot Gravity Escapement Co-axial Escapement Constant Escapement Sources Escapments — Wikipedia Escapments —


IO9 has some great photos and detail shots of medieval astronomical clocks.

Turning Machine

In 1936 Alan Turing invented a machine that could manipulate symbols on a strip of paper/tape according to a set of rules. This seemingly simple accomplishment (by today’s standard) set the groundwork for all future computer processing and algorithms. Turing never built the machine as the importance of this achievement was in conceiving the theoretical […]

thefuture of the present

What does it feel like to be present? How do we live in the moment? And here is another way to look at time. Still the same iconic round face and the central wheel turning. But this isn’t a daily once around the dial kind of clock. Nope! This clock goes around once a year! […]

The Long Now of a 10,000 Year Clock

Clock One: Winder & Main Differential from The Long Now Foundation on Vimeo. The Clock of the long now is one of the most beautiful examples of modern horological construction and technique. Built with very long timeframe it has no projected end date. This allows them to focus on the ideas and implementation and not […]

Antikythera Mechanism

Travel back in time 21 centuries and create a machine that not only shows the position of the sun & moon as well as the other planets in the sky for centuries to come, but also predicts solar eclipses as well. And do that before before the invention of the modern gear. More info: World’s […]