20 Minute Gate Project

“If you have time to build it once, build it right.
When I first built my garden gate I was reusing old roof strapping and still learning the basics of carpentry as well as everything else. 5 years later I’m still working on the rudiments of wood working. The most interesting part is the the large portion of the gate that is to allow a vehicle into the yard and the studio, to hold the gate in place I use an old ski pole that I can slide up and down. In the original, haphazard, gate I used metal strapping and that eventually broke and looked quite ragged quite quickly. So this time I decided to go upscale, using se left over bits of aluminum angle bar I drilled out and prepped. This simple piece became an exercise in making simple holes. Creating two tapered holes for the screws so that they sit flush, and one large hole, a hole larger then any bit I posses.

You can see the older gate in behind on the right. It’s falling apart now. A very determined deer realized how brittle the wood was and just broke through. The newer gate should hold up better.


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